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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see how much your competitors are spending on Google Ads?

While there are no direct ways to see how much a competitor is spending or see what keywords competitors are bidding on in Google Ads, the platform does provide a helpful overview of your and your competitors’ performance.

How do I Find my competitor’s PPC keywords?

Click on PPC Keywords, and put in your competitor’s URL. On this page, you will see the keywords your competitor is using. You will also see the cost per click, the monthly cost of the ad with that keyword, how many monthly searches each keyword receives, where the ad falls in position, and how many ads are being run with that keyword.

How do I review competitors’ ads in SpyFu?

By reviewing competitors’ ads in SpyFu, you can see not only what offers and angles they’re using, but also what position the ads were ranked in, and how long the competitors’ have been using the ad copy. In addition to looking at one keyword, you can look at all of your competitor’s keywords.

How do you find out what your competitors are using?

The keywords your competitors are using. Which of their keywords are performing the best. How long their ads ran or have run for certain keywords. The clicks and impressions they received from their ads. The best performing ads. Your competitors’ ad copy. Your competitors’ monthly ad spend on campaigns.

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