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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Feedly cost?

The Feedly has 3 plans - Basic USD 0 (Forever),Pro USD 5.41 (User/Month/Billed Annually),Teams USD 18 (User/Month). Free trial : Available.

What features does feedfeedly offer?

Feedly's free plan offers most of the features casual readers need. Follow up to 100 sources, sort the sites you follow into topical categories, watch YouTube videos, and read full-text articles (when available) in a distraction-free, minimalist view.

Is there an affordable alternative to Feedly?

(The Old Reader if free to 100 sites and 101-500 is $30/year). See More If you're looking for an affordable alternative to feedly, this is not it. Much more expensive and less user friendly. See More Ever since Google Reader has ceased to be an option, The Old Reader has grown in popularity while also making for a great Feedly alternative.

Is there a free version of Feedly?

There is a free version. Feedly offers a free trial. See additional pricing details below. Here are some products we think might be a good fit based on what people like you viewed. Learn more about pricing Get started for free via online or in-app signup.

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