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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Community Choice a bank?

Community Choice Credit Union is not a bank. To us, "bank" is a four-letter word. At Community Choice, we UN bank. That means doing things the big banks won’t. We’re a member-owned cooperative that was established and continues to operate on the principal of members helping members.

How many Iowans unbank with Community Choice?

JOIN MORE THAN 50,546 IOWANS WHO UN BANK WITH COMMUNITY CHOICE. What’s Butter Than Bread? MORE BREAD! Move your car loan to Community Choice and make no payments for 3 months. What could be BUTTER than that? Online credit card account access is now available through Online Banking. Log in and select “Manage Credit Cards” to get started.

Why California Community Credit Union (caccu)?

At California Community Credit Union (CACCU) you are family. We believe that service includes some old-fashioned courtesy and a friendly greeting. Our friendly representatives are happy to assist you with our services, products and questions. You also have access to your accounts, VISA credit card and bill pay 24/7 through our online services.

Who is eligible to join California Community Credit Union?

Any individuals who live in, regularly work in, or regularly worship in Sacramento, Placer or Stanislaus County are eligible for membership with California Community Credit Union! Once you are a member your family is eligible to join too. Click here for additional eligibility. We provide all the tools you need to ensure financial success!

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