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Frequently Asked Questions

Do employers pay for Cobra?

Rules for Premiums. Although COBRA does not require that employers pay for COBRA coverage, COBRA also does not require that a qualified beneficiary actually be the one to pay for coverage—that is, someone else can pay for the qualified beneficiary’s coverage.

Can I extend my COBRA continuation coverage?

To qualify for these additional months of COBRA continuation coverage due to disability, the qualified beneficiary must: If these requirements are met, the entire family qualifies for an additional 11 months of COBRA continuation coverage. Plans can charge 150% of the premium cost for the extended period of coverage.

What is Cobra coverage?

COBRA is a federal law that may let you keep your employer Group health plan coverage for a limited time after your employment ends or you lose coverage as a dependent of the covered employee. This is called "continuation coverage." In general, COBRA only applies to employers with 20 or more employees.

What is Cobra credit?

Health Care Tax Credit (HCTC) as it Relates to COBRA. What is HCTC. Health Coverage Tax Credit is a federal tax credit that pays 65% of the health insurance premiums for qualified individuals.

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