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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CMEN gathering?

This all male, all nude event is planned to include pool activities, scenic hikes, a variety of seminars and workshops, themed social hours, evening shows, dances, parties, lots of nude men and MUCH MORE! CMEN’s first Northern California Gathering, held in August 2014, was a great success with 100 men attending.

What can you do at CMEN 2021?

Enjoy educational workshops, pool activities, mountain hiking, beautiful scenery, social hours, nightly entertainment, contests, dances and camaraderie. Hangout with men from around the world at these CMEN Gatherings in 2021: Hangout in Southern California’s scenic San Bernardino Mountains east of Big Bear, our largest gathering.

What is included in a CMEN accommodation?

Accommodations include a choice of semi private (2 person or 4 person) rooms, bunk cabins or camping; Full Schedule of activities, including: Evening Shows, Themed Social Hours, Seminars, Workshops, Contests, Dancing and Parties. Among the highlights of each day at the CMEN gatherings are the late afternoon social hour parties and evening events.

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