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Frequently Asked Questions

What is clause and its types?

Dependent or sub-ordinate clause are of three types: Noun clause The noun clause plays the role of a noun in a sentence. Noun clauses contain a subject and a verb. ... Adjective clause The adjective clause plays the role like an adjective and modifies a noun or pronoun. it contains a subject and a verb that provides a description. ... Adverb clause

What does clause mean in English?

The definition of a clause is a part of a sentence in grammar. It is also a specific portion of a bill or treaty. ... In When it got dark, they went back into the house, “When it got dark” is a dependent clause within the complete sentence.

How do you use clause in a sentence?

Find the part of a sentence that begins with words like "that" or "where.". An adjective clause example is, "where Tommy ran.". Used in a sentence, it becomes: "This is the street where Tommy ran.". The adjective clause modifies the noun or pronoun that proceeded it and also cannot stand alone.

What does clause mean in law?

Clause Law and Legal Definition. Any provision in a legal document is termed a clause. When a particular clause is unintelligible, it should be construed according to the preceding and following clauses.

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