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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word claimer?

Define claimer. claimer synonyms, claimer pronunciation, claimer translation, English dictionary definition of claimer. tr.v. claimed , claim·ing , claims 1. To demand, ask for, or take as one's own or one's due: claim a reward; claim one's luggage at the airport carousel.

Why choose claimser?

Claimer combines its streamlined platform with expert R&D advisors to ensure your claim is maximised and defensible. You're in safe hands with Claimer: our tax and technology experts build your claim and handle all communication with HMRC. Connect Xero, or easily import from any other account software, and add your project information.

What is claim?

Something claimed in a formal or legal manner, especially a tract of public land staked out by a miner or homesteader. 4. a. A demand for payment in accordance with an insurance policy or other formal arrangement. b. The sum of money demanded. 5. A statement of something as a fact; an assertion of truth: makes no claim to be a cure.

How does claimclaimer work with HMRC?

Claimer’s expert tax and tech team maximise your claim by reviewing your financials & project, before writing the report and submitting it to HMRC. If you're due a tax credit or refund, the money is sent to you as soon as the claim is paid by HMRC, between 1-5 weeks later.

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