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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insert a checkbox in Excel?

On the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click Insert, and select Check Box under Form Controls. Click in the cell where you want to insert the first checkbox (B2 in this example). The Check Box control will appear near that place, though not exactly positioned in the cell:

How do I use the developer checkbox in Excel?

On IOS, click Excel > Preferences > Ribbon & Toolbar > Main Tabs. Then, select the Developer checkbox and save. On Windows, there are a few extra steps to see the checkbox option. Under the Developer tab, click "Insert" and under "Form Controls," click the checkbox icon. Note: Currently, you cannot use checkboxes in the web version of Excel.

How to uncheck checkboxes in Excel?

In the ‘Format Control’ dialog box, go to the ‘Control’ tab. 3. Select the ‘Unchecked’ option (radio button). That ensures the checkbox is unchecked by default when you open the spreadsheet containing it. If you want the checkboxes to be checked by default, then select that option instead 4.

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