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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Justin Bieber's changes a good album?

Justin Bieber's Changes album is Justin's fifth album and was released on February 14, Valentines Day as an album dedicated to Hailey Bieber, his wife. Changes is a great album, although on the surface it may seems like a collection of expected old school romantic Justin Bieber songs.

Is Justin Bieber's changes album a boring Serenade for an audience of one?

"Justin Bieber – Changes album review: A boring serenade for an audience of one". Evening Standard. Retrieved February 14, 2020. ^ a b Roisin O'Connor (February 14, 2020).

Will Justin Bieber drop his album before Christmas?

On October 27, 2019, Bieber announced that he would only drop his upcoming studio album before Christmas if his Instagram post reached 20 million likes; however, it failed to do so. The post has since been deleted and the release was consequently postponed.

What's happened to Justin Bieber's life?

Justin Bieber is ready to give the world insight into events that have taken place in his life over the past four years. From marriage to faith and his new outlook on life, Justin is reflecting on changes he's experienced and the impact they've had on him. "Changes" marks a new chapter in his career.

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