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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You challenging the status quo?

Unfortunately, challenging the status quo isn’t something leaders like to do. According to Harvard Business Review, 72 percent of leaders say they never or rarely challenge their status quo, nor do they encourage employees to think outside the box.

Why are some leaders afraid to challenge the status quo?

Every single leader, movement, and organization that has ever wanted to create greatness has had to challenge the status quo but some leaders are afraid of the challenge because it would mean they would need to entice improvements, to assemble advancements and to dig deeper into development. So how does a leader challenge the status quo?

Is it time to challenge the way it has been?

This is when it’s time to challenge the way it’s been and think about what it can become. Don’t get me wrong, challenging (and changing) the status quo can be scary.

How do you Empower your employees to challenge the status quo?

Paint a target on it. Once everyone has seen the status quo, you've got to make it safe--even rewarding--to challenge it. Most employees (boat rockers excluded) will see a personal risk in stepping up. How will you empower them?

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