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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ball chair good for?

There are several subtle benefits that come from using an office ball chair over a traditional-style office chair. Many people claim to be able to focus more on their work when using a ball chair as they must concentrate on keeping stable, while, when combined with good posture, a ball chair can be good for your back.

Can exercise balls be used as office chairs?

Using exercise balls as office chairs seems to be taking off as the latest strategy aimed at reducing fatigue, discomfort and sitting disease, but is it really effective? What do the ergonomics experts have to say? Let’s find out.

Should you replace your office chair with a stability ball?

But you may have also noticed your coworkers replacing their office chairs with this common workout tool. Although sitting at your desk for long periods of time can wreak havoc on your posture and overall health, you shouldn't rush to switch to sitting on a stability ball for hours on end either.

How do you use a ball chair on a computer?

You should be looking right at the center of your computer screen. If you're not, adjust either the screen or where your ball chair is situated. Next, sit up straight on the ball with your upper arms straight down by your sides. Bend your elbows and place both hands on the computer keyboard or, if you have no keyboard, the desktop.

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