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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dictionary?

a dictionary in which most of the entry words and all of their definitions, as well as supplementary material, are in English; a monolingual English dictionary, such as the online resource

Where can I find a free online dictionary?

An international appreciation of the importance of Webster's dictionaries in setting the norms of the English language. Look up dictionary or wordbook in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. " Dictionary ".

How are the meanings of words listed in a dictionary ordered?

In a general dictionary, each word may have multiple meanings. Some dictionaries include each separate meaning in the order of most common usage while others list definitions in historical order, with the oldest usage first.

What is the history of dictionary?

The word "dictionary" was invented by an Englishman called John of Garland in 1220 — he had written a book Dictionarius to help with Latin "diction". An early non-alphabetical list of 8000 English words was the Elementarie, created by Richard Mulcaster in 1582.

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