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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my CADC I certification in Oregon?

To get your CADC I, you don’t necessarily need a degree at all, but attending a community college may be the most straightforward means of getting that Oregon certification. You’ll need 1000 hours of clinical experience to earn your certificate, and going through the Associate’s program at PCC provides 650 of those 1000 hours.

What are the requirements to get a CADC III certification?

The certification board requires that a recovering CADC II candidate be free of alcohol/ illicit drug use or prescription medication abuse for at least three years. CADC III candidates must hold graduate degrees in “human arts” fields. Additionally, they must demonstrate 300 hours of alcohol and drug education.

What are the requirements for the ICRC/AODA certification?

150 hours of documented education in ICRC/AODA. These courses must fall under the following disciplines: general counseling, group counseling, alcohol and drug abuse pharmacology, counseling ethics, and HIV/AIDS risk assessment and reduction. A passing score on the NCAC I Examination and a clean criminal record.

How do I get a qmha certification in Oregon?

Registration for QMHA's & QMHP's is now open. To begin the online application process, click the " Certification " Tab All open applications will remain open for completion until June 30th 2020 ACCBO is now MHACBO, the Mental Health & Addiction Certification Board of Oregon

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