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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mechanism of action of Cardizem CD?

Cardizem CD has been shown to produce increases in exercise tolerance, probably due to its ability to reduce myocardial oxygen demand. This is accomplished via reductions in heart rate and systemic blood pressure at submaximal and maximal work loads.

What are the contents of the C++ in action book?

C++ In Action Contents 1. Preface 2. Introduction 3. Language 4. Techniques 5. Windows Techniques 6. Software Project 7. Appendix Chinese Edition The Chinese Translation has been made available in mainland China by Post & Telecom Press.

What are qaccd and qacab?

Two gene families (qacCD [now referred to as smr] and qacAB) are involved in providing protection against agents that are components of disinfectant formulations such as quaternary ammonium compounds.

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