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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for the CCPA exam?

Get CCPA Ready. CCPA-specific online training. CCPA Online Training addresses critical considerations for operationalizing the CCPA. Get up-to-date training regarding specific CCPA compliance requirements, including any new developments. CIPM online training and exam.

Which online training is best for CCPA compliance?

CIPM online training and exam. Beyond grasping the complexities of the CCPA, you need the skills provided by IAPP Privacy Program Management training to implement a program that effectively protects your organization. CIPP/US online training and exam.

What is a CCPA certification?

Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA) is a advanced level certification program designed for technically aware investigators, digital evidence analysts and forensic practitioners. CCPA focuses on post-extraction analysis and advanced search techniques using Physical Analyzer and does not involve the extraction of data from devices.

What is the new California Consumer Privacy Act training course?

Professor Daniel J. Solove has developed a new California Consumer Privacy Act training course. There are two versions of this course: Learn how to identify personal information under the CCPA Learn the rights that consumers have and how to direct consumers to exercise their rights

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