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Frequently Asked Questions

How many intermediate schools are in Clear Creek ISD?

Clear Creek ISD has four intermediate schools that operate in a school-within- a-school model to meet the needs of gifted learners as well as science enthusiasts. Students have options to attain a high school diploma and even a college degree in CCISD.

Who is the superintendent of schools in Clear Creek ISD?

The Superintendent of Schools is Eric Williams. Clear Creek ISD currently operates two football stadiums, Veterans Memorial Stadium and Challenger Columbia Stadium, both of which serve all five of the district's 6A high schools.

How many schools are in CCISD?

CCISD is the 29th largest school district in Texas, spanning 103 square miles and serving over 41,000 students. The district operates 45 distinct campuses, consisting of 5 comprehensive high schools, 3 alternative high schools, 10 intermediate schools, and 27 elementary schools. [2] The Superintendent of Schools is Eric Williams.

What does CCISD do to keep children first?

CCISD pledges to keep children first in all decisions and measures taken to protect them in their learning environments. Following our mission of transparency, the latest information from our District is posted on our COVID-19 dashboard which is updated daily at 8 AM and 4 PM.

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