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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCAP Wisconsin search by name?

It gives the public a means to look at court records, as required by Wisconsin’s Open Records Law. and you can CCAP Wisconsin search by name follow below process As the demand on Wisconsin’s courts grows, the cost and size of providing fast access to information, which is frequently a critical element for justice, climbs.

What is CCAP software?

CCAP software originally operated in an OS/2-based local area network in each circuit court, with each network being linked to the Director of State Courts' Office in Madison. During the past few years, CCAP undertook and completed an entire re-write of all CCAP circuit court software in Java programming language.

How do I contact CCAP?

CCAP is a state-initiated and funded program that supports joint state/county responsibility for the court system. Contact information. Consolidated Court Automation Programs Jean Bousquet, Chief Information Officer 110 East Main Street, Suite 500 Madison, WI 53703-3328 Ph: (608) 267-3728 Fax: (608) 261-6655

How does CCAP work in Walworth County?

When a criminal or juvenile case is filed in the district attorney's case management system, this information is received electronically and transferred to the CCAP case management system in Walworth county. While the case is active in the circuit court, CCAP exports case information to the district attorney's case management system.

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