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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CCAP attendance tracking system (ATS)?

Please Note: The CCAP Attendance Tracking System (ATS) allows you to record and monitor your child's attendance from your child care provider's computer, tablet, or smartphone using a unique personal identification number and valid email address. The steps below will allow you to utilize the ATS system:

What is the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)?

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) provides financial assistance to eligible low-income families who need child care benefits for children from birth to age 12. If you are eligible, a portion of the total child care cost will be paid.

How do I apply for CCAP If I am a current customer?

If you are a current Colorado Works customer, please do not fill out a CCAP application. Contact your Career Family Coordinator to have them submit a referral to CCAP. Need More Information? Questions? Call 303-271-4484 or email CCAP Customer Service. Visit the Colorado Department of Human Services' Child Care Assistance web page.

Can I login to CCCAP without ATS credentials?

If you participate in CCCAP and have an open fiscal agreement please login using these credentials even if you have other credentials you use to access the QRIS Portal or the PDIS. If you do not have ATS credentials, then you may use your QRIS or Licensing credentials to log in.

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