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Frequently Asked Questions

What does causal means?

causal(Noun) a word (such as because) that expresses a reason or a cause. causal(Adjective) of, relating to, or being a cause of something; causing. There is no causal relationship between eating carrots and seeing in the dark.

What is a causal claim?

A causal claim is any assertion that invokes causal relationships between variables, for example that a drug has a certain effect on preventing a disease. Causal claims are established through a combination of data and a set of causal assumptions called a causal model. How does one determine if a claim is a causal claim?

What is a causal relation?

A causal relation is an interpropositional relation in which the situation expressed by some proposition(s) is communicated as bringing about: the situation expressed by some other proposition(s) (an external relation), or.

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