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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the smell of cleaning products trigger asthma?

Some people also find that the smell of cleaning products and air fresheners triggers their asthma. Research has shown that even natural fragrances in cleaning products may react with outdoor air or high levels of ozone to form formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen.

Do cleaning products cause allergies?

However, there is also evidence to suggest that the use of household cleaning products can contribute to the development of allergies and asthma in the first place. According to Asthma UK, professional cleaners and those who use a lot of cleaning products (like janitors or nurses) are more at risk of developing asthma.

Are cleaning products associated with asthma in nurses?

The highest risks of incident asthma were found among nurses who used ammonia, bleach and/or cleaning products in spray form at work. This large international study suggested that professional use of cleaning products in various occupations was related to new-onset asthma.

Are cleaning products harmful to respiratory health?

Studies reported in the last four years have strengthened the evidence of adverse respiratory effects, particularly asthma, in cleaning workers and otherwise in relation to the use of cleaning products (Table 1). The population at risk is particularly large; apart from cleaning workers many others are occupationally exposed to cleaning agents.

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