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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the call operator in PowerShell do?

The call operator, also known as the "invocation operator", lets you run commands that are stored in variables and represented by strings or script blocks. The call operator executes in a child scope. For more about scopes, see about_Scopes. This example stores a command in a string and executes it using the call operator.

How do I make parameters mandatory in PowerShell?

} } To make a parameter mandatory add a "Mandatory= $true" to the parameter description. To make a parameter optional just leave the "Mandatory" statement out. Make sure the "param" statement is the first one (except for comments and blank lines) in either the script or the function.

What is advanced function in PowerShell?

Advanced functions allow you create cmdlets that are written as a PowerShell function. Advanced functions make it easier to create cmdlets without having to write and compile a binary cmdlet. Binary cmdlets are .NET classes that are written in a .NET language such as C#. Advanced functions use the CmdletBinding attribute to identify them as ...

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