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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DMV form 343?

What is dmv form reg 343? What is the purpose of the REG 343 form? The application for a title and registration is required to register a new car in California or register a new owner of a vehicle upon transfer of ownership. It can also be used to re-register a car that has been junked or removed from a database.

What is DMV now?

DMV NOW is a freestanding self-service kiosk that uses touchscreen technology to guide you through various DMV transactions. ... The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV ...

How do I report a car dealer to the DMV?

The number of miles driven since the vehicle was purchased needs to be under a specific amount. ...The issues must be related to how the vehicle operates. ...Lemon laws typically give the dealer or a mechanic assigned by the dealer several attempts to repair any issues before it's in violation of a state's lemon law.More items...

How to do a California DMV Change of address?

There are four ways to do this:Fill out a California DMV change of address form online. You can find it here.Request that a change of address form be mailed to you. Call 1-800-777-0133 to place your request and you will receive your form within five days. ...Go to the DMV. ...Download the Change of Address form at home. ...

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