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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Shopify's Fulfillment business?

Shopify has terminated or reduced the scope of its work with several warehouse and fulfillment partners, a move that could vastly reduce its capacity to pack and ship orders for merchants in the near term, Insider has learned.

Is Shopify a good platform to start a business?

If you're a business or an individual seller looking to grow your business online, you should consider looking into Shopify. Shopify is an online service that partners will merchants and businesses to streamline their online stores. Customers find Shopify storefronts simple and easy-to-use, and sellers love Shopify's payment and shipping systems.

Will the redesign of Shopify's App Store impact its ecosystem?

Shopify's growth depends on having a strong ecosystem of developers building apps for its merchants. A recent redesign of Shopify's App Store has some developers worried about the impact it will have on their businesses.

Is Amazon working on a similar product to Shopify?

But Amazon is working on a similar product, insiders told Bloomberg Businessweek. Like Shopify, the Amazon tool would allow retailers to build independent online stores. Under Amazon's current system, sellers only hawk their products through the main Amazon marketplace.

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