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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Burgundy a good winter color?

What are good colors for a winter wedding? Seasonal colors, such as red, burgundy, emerald green, and navy blue are some of the most popular winter wedding colors. Whether you pick one of these colors or use a combination of several, the darker jewel tones that we naturally see a lot of during the colder months will add richness and glamour to your winter wedding decor. Metallic gold and silver are also extremely fitting for a winter wedding, since they add an element of shimmer that’s ...

Is Burgundy considered a red or purple?

Yes, burgundy is definitely in the red family. As mentioned, the name burgundy derives from the red wine color, and while it does have some purple present within it, it primarily uses a red base. Is burgundy purple? Only a little. Burgundy has purple undertones, but it’s primarily a red color.

What does Burgundy wine taste like?

White Burgundy is vinified dry and is known for its flavors of green and yellow apple, lemon, cream, grilled notes, toast, butter, vanilla and more. When vinified using specific techniques, white Burgundies can also show pleasant notes of reduction, which reveals itself in the forms of matchstick and gunflint aromas.

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