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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a bullbar mod for Scania?

Bullbar mod for Scania Rjl R&R4 Series. ➡️ 3 Variants: No Badge / King Club Hellas Badge / Scania Vabis Badge ❗️❗️❗️ Attention: The mod requires the new skin system to work correctly with your paintjobs, if you don't know how to use it I don't have any responsibility at all.

What is the best bullbar for Scania NGS?

Trux Bullbar for the Scania Ngs or Streamline! These Trux Bullbars are top quality in styling and finish! Aluminium Bullbar ﹒ Goinstyle ﹒ Hypro Bullbar ﹒ Koeienrek Scania ﹒ MAN Bullbar ﹒ Mercedes Bullbar ﹒

What are the different types of bullbars?

Scania Bullbar ﹒ Scania Wildrek ﹒ Trux ﹒ Trux AB ﹒ Trux Bullbar ﹒ TRUX FRONT PROTECTION HIGWAY SCANIA ﹒ Trux Frontbescherming ﹒ Trux Highway Bullbar ﹒ Volvo Bullbar ﹒

How many engine sizes does Scania offer?

In­dus­trial. With three engine sizes and with power ratings ranging from 275 to 770 hp, Scania industrial engines are used in an enormous range of mission-critical applications worldwide.

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