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Frequently Asked Questions

What bulb is best for flowering?

Best Lights For Flowering Stage LED Bloom Grow Lights. With LED grow lights, you can basically get any spectrum you want. ... CMH Lights For Flowering. Ceramic metal halide bulbs are the only other lights that have a nice full spectrum with good amounts in every wavelength. HPS For Flowering. ... Flowering With MH. ... T5 Flowering Bulbs. ... CFL Bloom Bulbs. ...

When is the best time to plant flower bulbs?

Flower bulbs that bloom early – from January through March – should be planted in the period from September through October. The best time to plant the ones that bloom later (March through May) is from October through November.

What makes flower bulbs special?

Flowering bulbs have an important advantage over regular plants: they can store energy from one growing season to the next. When a bulb starts to grow, it uses these stored reserves to develop roots, shoots, leaves and flowers. Being so self-sufficient means that flower bulbs don't have to wait for perfect weather or ideal soil conditions.

What to do with flower bulbs after blooming?

Don’t touch those leaves! The main requirement for bulb flowers after they have bloomed is to keep their leaves so that the plant can put its energy back into its bulb for next spring’s blooming. The leaves give an energy charge to the bulb through photosynthesis and for this they need to keep their leaves!

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