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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the brother Trimmer blade?

Always perform a trial/test cut to confirm a successful cut. Design and cut area are 9.9” (251.8mm) When using Brother specified material and conditions. This attachment includes a guide rail with trimmer blade to ensure straight cuts of rolled material for smooth feeding and alignment.

What is the latest version of canvas workspace for brother?

News Information. The mac version of the data creation application 'CanvasWorkspace' for Brother cutting machines has been released. 8/26/2019. Version 4.1.1 was released. 10/15/2018. Software updates for some ScanNCut models have been released.

Can you convert scanned designs to cut and draw files?

Easily convert your scanned designs into custom cut or draw files. Customize designs by changing the shape, size, or position, even using just part of a design. Enjoy the ability to weld, rotate and resize to create fully detailed designs all without the use of a computer or expensive design cartridges.

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