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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the brother scan N cut sdx225f cut fabric?

Yes! Cutting fabric is easy with the new Brother Scan N Cut SDX225F! Create beautiful projects with the ScanNCut DX Innovis Edition Fabric Bundle! The ScanNCut DX is the only cutting machine on the market with true blade sensing technology and a built-in scanner!

What makes the brother scanncut dx So Special?

Just one thing...imagination! The Brother ScanNCut DX. Blade Sensor Technology with Auto Blade Revolutionary, home and hobby cutting machine technology detects the height (thickness) of the material placed on a ScanNCut DX compatible mat to cut precision custom and built-in patterns.

Can you use the scanncut DX machine on fabric?

For use only with the ScanNCut DX machine and the ScanNCut DX Thin Fabric Auto Blade Holder. Built-In Scanner Scan in fabric and easily cut out applique with the direct cut function or turn a hand made drawing into a sticker the creativity is endless with the ScanNCut DX line up!

How do I get more precise cutting lines on my scan?

Choose to scan in either grayscale or color RGB mode. Scan-to-Cut-Data Now with a smooth line feature getting more clean cuts is easy, simply select from three settings (low, middle, high) on the machine to fine-tune your scanned image to a more precise cutting line. Scan and convert to cut data.

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