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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bowser Jr. considered a Koopaling now?

This is Bowser Jr. He is now considered a Koopaling in the new information Nintendo is telling us. He is the youngest of all eight and is the most loyal to Bowser. He seems to have taken over his siblings after their long years before rejoining him and his dad in NSMBW.

What does Bowser Jr like?

Bowser Jr. is evil like his father, but often acts like the child he is. He is rather hyperactive, jumping high and throwing tantrums easily. His child-like nature and overconfidence often leads to his downfall. Bowser Jr. disguised himself as Shadow Mario in Super Mario Sunshine and spread toxic goop across Isle Delfino.

Where did Bowser Jr first appear?

Bowser Jr. first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine, where he disguised as Shadow Mario and disrupted Mario 's vacation with Princess Peach by painting the island of Isle Delfino with goop and then kidnapping her by framing Mario, after his father tricked him into thinking that Princess Peach was his mother whom he had to protect.

How exactly is Bowser Jr. related to the Koopalings?

Bowswer Jr is Bowser's only son. The koopalings used to be his children but were retconned out. I think of them as his nephews (and neice). (He is an uncle)

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