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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bow in Diablo 2?

"Bows are ancient hunting weapons intended to propel projectiles farther and faster than the human arm. They’re possessed of solid killing power, and commonly fire faster than more complex ranged weapons, like crossbows ." Bows are one of the classes of two-handed Ranged Weapons in the Diablo game series .

Where can I find elite bows in Diablo 2?

Elite Bows are Expansion only since Elite items do not exist at all in Diablo II. You can find Elite bows in Acts 4-5/Nightmare and then all through Hell, though like all Elite items, they drop very rarely. Arrows and Bolts/Quarrels are necessary to use a bow or crossbow, and they must be equipped in one hand, with the bow/crossbow in the other.

What is a unique bow in RuneScape?

Unique Bows. ADVERTISEMENT. This is a list of all unique bows found in the game. Click each unique name for more details. Bows are the best ranged attacking weapon in the game. They fire very quickly in the hands of an Amazon, and derive their bonus damage from your points in Dexterity.

What is the tier list for bowdestiny 2 bows?

Destiny 2 Bows Tier list for PVE and PVP Name Archetype Element Excels Excels in Trinity Ghoul Exotic Arc PVE PVE Ticuu's Divination Exotic Solar PVE PVE Biting Winds Precision Kinetic PVE PVE Le Monarque Exotic Void PVE + PVP PVE + PVP 7 more rows ...

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