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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play as Linkle in BOTW?

Few BotW mods are as famous and widely-used as this playable Linkle, which goes above and beyond to make her the new protagonist of this epic adventure. Introduced in Hyrule Warriors, Linkle believes herself to be the reincarnated hero of Hyrule – and in this mod, she gets to be just that. Especially if you install the Dialogue Fix.

Is there a Linkle mod that replaces armor icons?

With v1.1, all icons save for the Dark Link set have been replaced with Linkle equivalents matching DLC 5. Until another Linkle DLC is released, this is the complete version. This mod replaces all armor icons to be in line with Lynard killer's Linkle mod. Switch version can be found here.

Is it hard to install mods in BOTW?

Sure, you can get one or two mods running fine without much trouble. But once they start piling up, you’ll begin noticing odd bugs and crashes all the time. Installing mods through the BCML will keep your game nice and stable for the most part – and it’s simply the easiest way to go about modding BotW.

Is there a bcml mod for Hero of Hyrule?

Now with BCML compatibility! This mod replaces the Hero of Hyrule with Linkle from Hyrule Warriors! Most armours (soon to be all) and sound effects have been changed to match Linkle. Old Armors are provided in "as is" condition meaning they are old, clipping, and or lower quality, use this only if you want to.

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