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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get through the Lost Woods BOTW?

How to Get to the Lost Woods in BOTW . You can see the Lost Woods on the map north of Woodland Tower. Unless you have Revali's Gale, you can't glide into the Lost Woods from the top of the tower due to a large rock obstructing your path, so you'll have to walk. Follow the path covered in trees until you reach the entrance gate. Once inside the Lost Woods, the map will be of no use.

Where is Master Sword BOTW?

The Master Sword is located in the Lost Woods, the entrance to which is a short float away from the Woodland Tower, southwest of Goron Village. You'll want to enter from the ground, though – try to float in and you'll be smothered by fog. Enter from the path on your map.

How to get through the Lost Woods?

To get to the Lost Woods, follow the path through Mishi Woods located northeast of Hyrule Castle, just before the Death Mountain region. You'll know you're on the right track when you pass by the Woodland Stable.

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