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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bosch EV400 charging station?

The new EV400 EV Charging Station from Bosch offers sleek, modern design, all-weather capability, and up to 6X faster Level 2 charging, depending on the vehicle, all with an industry maximum 25' cord. Powerful 32-AMP (7.6kW) output reduces charge time dramatically.

How does the Bosch Level 2 EV charger work?

The Bosch Level 2 EV charger communicates with your vehicle, giving the proper charge quickly Automatic charge monitoring ensures a full charge in the shortest amount of time Standard J1772 connector fits nearly every EV in North America Sleek. Compact. Powerful Charging Redefined.

What is the best way to charge two electric cars?

A Dual EV charger is recommended if you are certain you will need more than one home EV charging station to charge two cars. Reviewed here, dual EVSEs allow you to “daisy-chain” up to several chargers that will equally share the power of their electrical circuit.

What is the Bosch charging cable?

The Bosch charging cable dispenses with an electronics box and is lightweight and versatile. The kit consists of three components: the vehicle plug, the plug for charging stations and wall chargers, and the plug for domestic power outlets. The charging cable is equipped with an easy-to-use adapter connector with protected contacts.

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