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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Borzoi make a good guard dog?

Borzoi make great companions. They are not highly territorial and do not make great guard dogs .

Is a Borzoi the right dog breed for You?

Generally speaking, the Borzoi dog breed is considered one of the "healthier" dog breeds you can find. But even he can suffer from certain hereditary (and other types of) health disorders such as... Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat)

What dog breeds look the most similar to a Borzoi?

The Chart Polski is the only breed that looks very similar to a Borzoi, though without that pretty long fur :) Instead, the Chart’s coat is very short, like that of the Greyhound.

What is the original meaning of borzoi?

Definition of borzoi. : any of a breed of large dogs developed in Russia especially for pursuing wolves that have a long silky usually white coat with darker markings — called also Russian wolfhound.

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