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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the main building at level 16 Boom Beach 16?

Because hq building is the main building of the boom beach 16 layout. If any attacker destroys our level 16 hq main building then our whole base will be destroyed and we will lose the game and also loot. Now we have to keep our headquarter main building in the center of the base or on the top right or left corners.

How to defend hq16 in Boom Beach?

The proto, two Rocket Launchers and two Doom Cannon in the center of base are the backbone of whole defense for HQ16 in Boom Beach. In such position, these defensive weapons are able to cover each side of the base. The method of alternating defensive and non-defensive buildings still works (as in layouts for earlier levels HQ).

How do I upgrade my HQ to 17 in Boom Beach?

To unlock an ability for upgrading HQ to the level 17 in Boom Beach every player needs to reach level 41 first. Upgrading HQ to 17 level allows to increase number of defensive buildings to 29 units by the installing one more Flamethrower, Boom Cannon and Shock Launcher.

What happens when you reach level 37 in Boom Beach?

After reaching player’s level 37, there’s unlocks an ability to upgrade the Headquarter (HQ) to the level 16 in Boom Beach! That upgrade unlocks an additional buildings that every player can place on his island and widen own base in such way. These buildings are Stone Storage, Machine Gun, Cannon and Rocket Launcher.

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