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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CPC exam?

The CPC exam is a test of medical coding proficiency consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions that assess 17 areas of knowledge. Most questions present a coding scenario to test proper application of CPT® procedure codes, HCPCS Level II supply codes, and ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes. Medical providers use all of these to submit claims to payers.

How do I prepare for the Certified Professional coding (CPC) exam?

The AAPC has a number of preparation materials for the Certified Professional Coding (CPC) exam. These are available through the AAPC’s website, but they’re fairly expensive. You’ll learn everything you need to pass the CPC exam in a coding course at a university or community college.

Can I take the CPC exam in two sittings?

No, the online CPC exam is no longer taken in two sittings. All AAPC online certification exams will be taken in one sitting. Can I skip questions and come back to them? You can flag questions, skip questions, or move back and forth between questions and sections.

Do private companies have practice CPC exams?

A number of private companies have practice CPC exams, but the AAPC’s practice exams are probably your best bet. Don’t treat practice exams as formalities or wastes of time. Many practice exams can be easier than the actual exam, but you should still take them seriously.

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