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Frequently Asked Questions

How to uninstall or reinstall Bluetooth driver in Windows 10?

Methods to Uninstall, Reinstall and Update Bluetooth Driver in Windows 10, 8, 7 Method 1: Uninstall Bluetooth Driver via Device Manager. ... Method 2: Reinstall the Bluetooth Driver via the PC's Manufacturer. ... Method 3: Update Bluetooth Driver using Bit Driver Updater. ... Method 4: Run Windows Update to Reinstall or Download Bluetooth Driver. ...

Can you install Bluetooth on Windows 10?

How to install Bluetooth driver in Windows 10. If you did not saw your Bluetooth device in Action Center, make sure you have your Bluetooth enabled in Windows 10. Go to Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth. Turn the Bluetooth switch on, after you turn it on, Your PC is searching for and can be discovered by Bluetooth.

How do you fix a Bluetooth driver?

Go to the Desktop screen by pressing the Windows logo key + D. Press the Windows key +X on the keyboard when you are at Desktop. Select Device Manager. Look for Bluetooth devices. Double click on Bluetooth driver and select Uninstall. After the Bluetooth driver is uninstalled, restart the PC.

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