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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between BLC welcome letter and Blackboard enrollment?

WELCOME LETTER: The BLC Course Manager sends out the welcome letter with all applicable course information to all students in ATRRS 30-days prior to the start of each course. BLACKBOARD SELF-ENROLLMENT: You will be provided blackboard enrollment instructions that includes a step-by-step on how to enroll in your blackboard classroom.

What is BLC leadership training?

BLC focuses on leadership training. The course produces battle-competent junior NCOs who are qualified team/section/squad leaders, trainers of leader and war fighting skills, evaluators and counselors, conductors/participants in individual and collective training, and performers/teachers of leader skills, knowledge and attitudes. a.

What documents are required to be uploaded to the blackboard?

IN-PROCESSING: Required documents are to be uploaded into the corresponding section via blackboard by the specific date provided in the welcome letter. These documents include: c.DA 5500 / 5501 (If required, Passing within 14 months of report date) Review PowerPoints on Introduction to BLC and DLC Guide.

Does Blackboard Learn meet government standards?

With a longstanding and strong commitment to security, our products and services are built and designed to meet government standards. Blackboard Learn SaaS is now eligible for use by all federal agencies that meet the requirements for Low Impact SaaS (Li-SaaS).

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