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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Beijing located?

Remnants of the Great Wall of China in the mountains north of the city. Beijing is situated at the northern tip of the roughly triangular North China Plain, which opens to the south and east of the city.

How do I use MapBar?

Mapbar is a little different to the other China map websites in that it doesn't display a map on its homepage. To use Mapbar, first select the city you are interested in, then enter what you are looking for in a search bar. Results are displayed on a map.

What are the best coffee bars in Beijing?

Jianghu Bar 18. ACE coffee 19. Vics Club 20. Chill Bar 21. True Color Club 22. Fang Bar 23. SPARK 24. School Live Bar 25. Helen's cafe Huaqing Jiayuan 26. Coco Banana 27. TROUBLE BAR BEIJING

How high is Beijing above sea level?

The city of Beijing is situated at the northern apex of the roughly triangular North China Plain and lies at an elevation between about 100 and 130 feet (30 and 40 metres) above sea level.

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