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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Penstemon digitalis grow in clay soil?

Can be grown in clay soils but avoid overly wet, poorly drained conditions. Needs full sun for best foliage color. Penstemon digitalis, commonly called foxglove beardtongue, is a clump-forming, Missouri-native perennial which typically grows 3-5' tall and occurs in prairies, fields, wood margins, open woods and along railroad tracks.

What is a beardtongue Penstemon?

Beardtongue plants typically bloom in early summer, filling that gap between the end of spring bulbs and the maturing of summer flowers like coneflowers, yarrow, and coreopsis. Most penstemons are 1 to 3 feet tall, but Palmer’s penstemon can grow up to 6 feet, giving you options for the middle and back of the border.

What kind of bees are attracted to Penstemon digitalis?

The tubular flowers of this plant attract long-tongued bees, including honeybees, bumblebees, Miner bees, Mason bees, and hummingbirds. Penstemon digitalis is also one of the host plants for the Chalcedon Checkerspot and Edith's Checkerspot . Penstemons are called 'Beard Tongues' because the sterile stamen has a tuft of small hairs.

What is the easiest way to propagate Penstemon - beardtongues?

Division in fall or early spring is the easiest method of propagation. Germination is best with cold-moist stratification and light. Native to eastern North America. Not sure which Penstemon - Beardtongues to pick?

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