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Frequently Asked Questions

What does bandwagon mean in literature?

Bandwagon is a persuasive technique and a type of propaganda through which a writer persuades his readers, so that the majority could agree with the argument of the writer.

What does bandwagon mean?

The term "bandwagon" refers to a wagon that carries a band through a parade. During the 19th century, an entertainer named Dan Rice traveled the country campaigning for President Zachary Taylor. Rice's bandwagon was the centerpiece of his campaign events, and he encouraged those in the crowd to "jump on the bandwagon" and support Taylor.

What is an example of bandwagon propaganda?

Some examples of bandwagon propaganda techniques include suggesting that people support a certain person or eat at a certain restaurant because many other people have done these things.

What is the definition of bandwagon in propaganda?

"Bandwagon propaganda" is a type of advertising that attempts to draw people to a specific cause by giving the impression that many others have already joined and are happier or better off for doing so. It uses societal pressures to play on several basic elements of human nature.

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