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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a balance due account?

A balance due account occurs when the taxpayer has an outstanding liability for taxes, penalties and/or interest. Balance due accounts are automatically monitored through computer analysis and placed in a specific status based on age and/or activities.

What is the objective of the balance due program?

The objective of the balance due program is to work responses to balance due notices and work with taxpayers to help them satisfy their outstanding tax liabilities.

How do I inform a taxpayer of a balance due notice?

Inform the taxpayer of the balance due with penalties and interest figured to the payoff date, On unassessed balances, inform that taxpayer that we accept their request for a Short Term Payment Plan but cannot provide them with a payoff amount. Advise the taxpayer within 6 to 8 weeks they will receive a balance due notice.

What is the balance due on account 12345?

This is a quick reminder that your payment on account #12345 will be due next week. The balance due is $3,000. I know you’re busy, but if you could take a quick look over the attached invoice when you get a chance, I’d appreciate it. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! Description - The initial call to action.

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