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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Axiata Group?

as a business with our impact on planet and society. Guided by our broader purpose of Advancing Asia, Axiata Group Berhad together with our Operating Companies throughout our footprint of 11 countries in ASEAN and South Asia champion digital inclusion for communities through the provision of digital and connectivity solutions.

What is Axiata's business model?

Axiata's primary business is in investment holding and the provision of telecommunication and consultancy services on an international scale. Their main focus being emerging markets in ASEAN and South Asia.

Why choose Axiata for Digital Champion?

Axiata is poised at the forefront of this revolution, with the goal of becoming a digital champion by 2024.

Is Axiata set for a turnaround?

Technically, it is not looking good for AXIATA as its 20-Day Moving Average is sloping downward and its price action is below the Moving Average line. For a turnaround to occur, the price needs to decisively break the resistance of 3.2 which has resisted any upward.

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