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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find an auctioneer?

To find a registered auctioneer, or to check if an auctioneer is registered, look for the name of the auctioneer or their company name in the auctioneer register.

What is a surplus auction?

Surplus auction. Just because supply materials, a piece of equipment or vehicle has reached its useful end for us doesn't mean it can't find new life with a new owner. Our investment recovery team maximizes the value of ratepayer assets while providing an affordable alternative to buying new items.

What are online auctions?

Online auctions are auctions conducted on a website that enable users to buy and sell goods with other users. Auctions have become one of the most visited web pages on the Internet and often contain and sell anything you can imagine. Below is a listing of some of the major online auction sites on the Internet.

How does online estate auctions work?

The online estate auction has simply shifted this process to the internet. Instead of the auction being hosted over several days in a private home, the items are collected by the liquidator, photographed, evaluated and graded where applicable, tagged, and have an opening bid set. Afterward, the items are available to view and be bid on online.

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