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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you legally buy a gun online?

Contrary to the belief of many, it is legal to buy firearms online. But more importantly, buying a firearm from a dealer online requires a background check for the purchase. An online gun purchase does not ship to the buyer’s home, instead it must go through a “FFL” – or, a “Federal Firearms License” dealer.

How much does a handgun cost?

The price of a gun would vary depending on your choice of firearms, but for the first-time buyers, they should go for entry-level ground such as a 9-millimeter handgun, which is lighter to hold and easier to fire. An entry-level handgun would typically cost between $500 to $700 excluding tax.

Are used guns reliable?

Reliability is governed predominantly by basic design, rather than by whether or not a gun is used. More often than not, used guns have had light usage. However, weapons that have seen extensive use, as evidenced by wear and tear, nicks, dings, etc. are obviously less desirable.

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