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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the artist's paintpots?

The Artist' Paintpots themselves are a pair of mud pots located up the hillside, somewhat separated from the other hot springs. Although restricted to just two small basins, they tend to be very active and at one point in 2006 forced a temporarty colsure of the trail.

How do I get to the Artists Paint Pots?

The Artists Paint Pots trailhead is reached by a little side road, ending at parking area that although quite large, still often fills up on busy summer days. The boardwalk path crosses bushy flats to the start of the loop around the hot pools, at the base of the north side of Paintpot Hill.

Where are the Artist's Paint Pots in Yellowstone?

Artists Paint Pots, Yellowstone National Park Three miles south of Norris Geyser Basin, the equally large but generally less active Gibbon Geyser Basin contains several dispersed collections of thermal features of which the most popular is Artists Paint Pots, a group of over 50 springs, geysers, vents and especially mud pots.

What is the Artists Paintpots loop?

At the apex of the loop, before starting your descent, is a lookout point that provides a spectacular view of Mt. Holmes in the distance and a view of the entire Artists Paintpots geothermal area. Mud pots are scattered along the ridge and are the origin for the naming of this area.

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