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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a synonym for arrested?

Synonyms for Arrest: n. v. •capture (verb) capture, catch, win, achieve, obtain, abduct, snare, take, gain, occupy, secure, apprehend, get, collar, seize. Other synonyms: • enthrall, stall.

What is another word for apprehended?

Another word for apprehend. To take into custody as a prisoner: arrest, seize. (Informal) nab, pick up. (Slang) bust, collar, pinch, run in. To perceive directly with the intellect: compass, comprehend, fathom, grasp, know, understand. (Scots) ken.

Can you be arrested without an arrest warrant?

As the name implies, a warrantless arrest is simply an arrest without a warrant. When police officers make a warrantless arrest, a judge does not have a chance to determine ahead of time whether the police have probable cause to make the arrest.

What is another word for place under arrest?

Synonyms for place under arrest include apprehend, arrest, seize, bust, capture, collar, nail, catch, nab and nick. Find more similar words at!

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