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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the man who jumped off a plane in Miami?

AFP via Getty Images A passenger on a commercial plane opened an emergency door and jumped on its wing shortly after the aircraft touched down at Miami International Airport Wednesday. Christian Segura, 33, had been on American Airlines flight 920, a four-hour jaunt from Cali, Colombia, according to Local News 10.

Why were two people arrested at Miami International Airport?

But this latest melee wasn’t over masks. Two people were arrested at Miami International Airport on Sunday evening after they began fighting with a representative from American Airlines at the gate.

What happened to the JET Blue flight attendant who slipped down the plane?

In 2010, a Jet Blue flight attendant who slid down his plane’s emergency shoot on the tarmac at Kennedy Airport avoided jail time after he copped to mental health problems. The suspect was taken into police custody after the stunt.

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