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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an ArenaNet account?

Before you can access the game, forums, and other official sites in the Guild Wars ecosystem, you will need an ArenaNet account. This is your personal access key to the world of Tyria, and includes a number of unique identifiers that are exclusive to your account:

How do I create an ArenaNet account in Tyria?

If you don't have an account, follow the steps below to create your new ArenaNet account and begin your adventures in Tyria! Download the Guild Wars client. Run GwSetup.exe to install the Guild Wars client on your PC. At the log-in screen, click the "Create Account or Add Access Key" link.

How do I create a display name for my ArenaNet account?

Enter a Display Name you’d like to use for your ArenaNet account. Your Display Name is a unique identifier for your account. It is created by combining the name you choose with a randomly generated four-digit number. Note that this is a public name which will be used on the leaderboards, in-game, and on the official Guild Wars 2 forums.

How do I update my ArenaNet login email?

If you haven't linked your accounts yet, you can update your login email by creating an ArenaNet account with the email address you want to use. Then follow the instructions above to link your accounts so you can use the new login email.

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