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Frequently Asked Questions

How many wins Fortnite?

WINS 4,364 WIN % 31.00 KILLS 86,353 K/D RATIO 8.88 COMPARE WITH SOMEONE ELSE Fortnite Fresh Stats Profile View Fresh's leaderboard ranking, and see how many wins, kills and all the other stats in Solo, Duos and Squads matches in Fortnite. SOLO 8833 Matches

How many arena points for champion?

Players need to accumulate at least 100 points throughout the season to qualify for the Arena Kings Championship. The list below details how to earn points: 1st: 100 points

What is Fortnite's biggest competitor?

"PUBG," or "Player Unknown Battlegrounds," has been the biggest competitor to "Fortnite" on the market and features larger maps, no building and graphics with extreme detail. "Call of Duty" upholds a reputation of having the most polished graphics amongst the top video games and will likely feature many of the effects seen in "PUBG."

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